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just another day [Mar 11, 2006 | 11:21pm]
so this weekend has been boring. kind of feel like i have to write something here since well i used to keep a diary and now it's pretty much lost god only knows where.

Thursday was by far the best day i have had all year. My year has been stressful, kind of like having to be at your best all the time, trying to impress people and make a name for yourself. At my old school I never had t worry about that. I had my friends, we had fun and I laughed everything off. Being at a new school with over 500 kids my age never mind the other 1,500 older than me it's a new experiance that I've had to adjust to. I find myself holding my breath back whenever someone says something I'd argue about. I hate it when people are very bold and just WAIT for you to reply so they can sit there and blab about it. It's like "I have my own oppinion, you have yours, now let's leave it at that because there is no way in hell you'll ever change mine". So yeah, that's about my day to day life.

So this Thursday (or last Thursday...ok what ever) I had this gig in drama where you had to go up in front of the class and speak about something that bothers you for over a minute. The lights go down on you while you stand on a stage with everyone in the class huddled in front of you to watch. All you can see is the vague image of the teacher with a little clip board grading you on your performance. -gulp- I've been public speaking for a long time, but still I get hella nervous. I spoke about what bothers me at the movie theatre (and thank god people cracked up when I was up there) and was freaked out of my wits being up there. With that being said, no one even know that I was nervous at all when I later asked people. When I finished my little bit I swear the entire place just errupted in chears. Screaming, stomping, people yelling out inside jokes that we shared. Gahh it was AMAZING. Even my drama teacher was impressed which was a great moment for me because I had always thought that she found me too serious and uptight. I'm really not, I'm just shy around people I don't know. When I know them, I'm totally different, so I'm glad I finally got to show that. =) =)
Then I got home I found that my mom got me a bag I had always wanted but couldn't afford. It's a "Guess" bag which was honestly love at first sight when I saw it sitting there, gazing at me from the store's shelf. That same day my computer got fixed (but i think it's infected again now...) so I could listen to music and what not.
I love having good days like that. There were more things that happened but I'm going to go, I've written too much already and I'm getting bored of this.
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that jinx [Mar 4, 2006 | 4:19pm]
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Kat-yuh (aka Kate)

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